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About Rohan O. Henry

Artistic, Accurate & Inspiring

Rohan O. Henry is an abstract painter and sculptor, who was born in Jamaica, West Indies. While growing up in Jamaica, he took a fondness to art at an early age, where he taught himself to draw and paint.  

Rohan focuses mainly on facial expressions done with bright colors because they best capture his feelings and thoughts. His artistic influence comes from other artists such as Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, and Marc Chagall. He uses different mediums to create his work, for example, old parts and intricate scraps.  

Rohan is also a trained social worker who worked with the mental health department. Consequently, he taught mentally challenged adults to help them foster the same enthusiasm that he has for painting. Currently, he is pursuing his Bachelor in Fine Art at York College.

Rohan’s recent exhibitions include a showing at Brooklyn Bend Café in 2018, York College 2017, and Bumble Bee Café in 2014. 

Rohan presently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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